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Your Leads Are Not Your Growth Strategy

Your Leads Are Not Your Growth Strategy

Today, Jordan unpacks why your growth strategy is way bigger than where you get your leads from.

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Topics covered:

(01:00): Are leads for growth strategy?

(02:15): What makes the growth wheel turn?

(03:45): Review’s have a direct relationship to the customer?

(04:35): Are you married to your concept?

(05:20): What are you doing for your brand and is it clear to the customer?

(06:45): Communication marketing strategy?

(10:05): What marketing entails?

(12:10): What is your legion strategy?

(14:15): What is your cost per sign contract?

(15:18): Are you able to hit target sales?

(16:14): How do you calculate conversion rate?

(18:50): Operationalize your sales function ?

(20:08): Respect the finance function?

(28:13): Different ways to prospecting?

(29:17): Closing statement