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Using a Remote Team to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Using a Remote Team to Grow Your Real Estate Business

Today I’m talking with Dan Butler of CrestCore.

Dan Butler was a real estate investor, but wanted better management for his properties. So he teamed up with Douglas Skipworth to cofound CrestCore Realty. 

CrestCore Realty based in Memphis TN, Specializes in all things rental houses so you can focus on growing you real estate portfolio.

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Topics covered:

(01:30) – Intro

(2:30) – Remote Team Members

(3:30) – Scale of the Remote Team

(5:15) – Structure of CrestCore

(7:15) – How Did You Get Here?

(8:50) – Contrast of Planet Synergy with the Strategy Dan is Using

(10:10) – Breaking Barriers with Remote Teams

(12:15) – Where are the Team Members Located?

(12:40) – How Different Cultures Work

(13:45) – Do Team Members Work Together in a Central Office?

(14:30) – How Does Management Differ Overseas Verses in the States?

(16:00) – Do Team Members Outside the States Have Client Communication?

(17:05) – Why Should a Remote Team Member be Managed from the Home Office?

(19:30) – How Would the Company be Affected if Dan Left Tomorrow?

(21:45) – Where is the Company in Growth and Scale?

(24:00) – Why This Model of Remote Teams?

(25:25) – How Could This be Repeated in Different Companies?

(28:25) – Looking at the Culture Index to Find How People Work

(30:15) – Why Would a New Hire Not Work Out?

(31:15) – Finding the Right Compensation for Remote Team Members

(34:05) – Is Dan Having to Manage the Team’s Efficiency Using Software?

(36:15) – Has Dan’s EOS (Entrepreneurial Operating System) Evolved Over Time?

(37:45) – How Does Dan Continue to Personally Develop Himself?

(39:30) – What Tasks Needed to be Delegated to Maintain Efficiency?

(43:40) – How Has Dan’s Approach and Financial IQ Evolved Over Time?

(47:25) – Does Dan Have Someone Acting as CFO?

(50:00) – Resources That Have Been Impactful Over Dans Career

(53:40) – Closing

Resources mentioned:

“How to Win Friends and influence People” By Dale Carnegie

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