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Systems, Success and Seminars with Paul Kankowski

Systems, Success and Seminars with Paul Kankowski

Today I’m talking with Paul Kankowski, Owner of House Match. As an educator and administrator for 17 years, Paul started investing in homes in the United States. In 2014 he became a broker and started House Match.

Get ready as Paul and Jordan dig into the main idea behind making your systems successful within your business.

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Topics covered:

(00:30): Introduction

(01:30): Paul’s Business – Where it’s at today

(05:00): Crisis can be a Catalyst

(08:00): Remote Team Members vs Systems

(10:40): Challenges of Systems and Change

(11:00): Power in Knowing Limits

(14:00): Policies and Procedures enhance Systems

(16:20): Why go “All-In” on Systems?

(22:00): What makes Remote Teams difficult?

(28:00): Describe your Sold-Out Workshops

(34:05): Advice for someone new to Systems?

(37:05): Automation in the Industry?

(39:30): What is the end-game of business for you?

(41:00): Closing