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Running a Successful PM Software Company

Running a Successful PM Software Company

Today I’m interviewing Ray Hespen, CEO and Co-founder with David Kingman of Property Meld in Rapid City, South Dakota. A company that specializes in solving problems with property maintenance and helping people live better, less frustrating lives. 

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Topics covered:

(0:00) – Intro

(0:40) – What is Property Meld?

(1:15) – Who is Ray Hespen?

(3:45) – What do Sales and Marketing Look Like in Property Meld?

(6:55) – What is the Culture Around Your Current Systems?

(10:15) – How Does Ray Handle Compensation for the Sales Team?

(12:10) – How Has Compensation Evolved Over Time?

(14:45) – What Lessons on Leadership Has Ray Learned Since Day One?

(18:35) – Getting Feedback on Ideas That Can’t be Discussed Publicly

(20:20) – What Were Some of the Barriers Ray Overcame to Pursue this Vision?

(22:50) – What are Some Limitations in Leadership Ray Needed to Pivot Direction on?

(25:40) – Hardest Part of Ray’s Job

(27:00) – How to Manage the Gap Between Business Growth and Lifestyle?

(30:20) – Rays Take on the Disruption of PM by Larger Tech Companies

(33:35) – Is Efficiency in Cost Saving the Same at Improved Service Quality?

(35:20) – Why is Maintenance Such a Pain Point in PM?

(37:10) – How Does Ray Find Vendors but Still Retain Responsibility for the Outcome?

(40:05) – The Connection Between Maintenance and Bottom Line Revenue

(50:25) – How Does Ray Maintain Focus With so Much Going on?

(52:05) – What is Ray’s Unique Ability?

(53:15) – The Tension Between Falling Over Yourself to Help the Customer and Showing why They are an Idiot to not Chose Something

(56:15) – What are the Ways Property Meld is Leading the Customer With Vision?

(58:10) – Property Meld’s Goal to Help PM Companies

(1:01:25) – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Bred?

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