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Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc

Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc

Today Jordan speaks with Tony LeBlanc, author of Doorpreneur.

Tony LeBlanc is an entrepreneur who has started over 10 successful businesses, including maintenance lawn care and many others, though his real passion is teaching.

 Tony now manages one of the largest property management companies on Canada’s East Coast – a business he started from scratch. Tony’s vast knowledge is put to work teaching other property management professionals improve their growth. 

Listen in as Jordan and Tony delve into the intricacies of multiple business property management.

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Topics covered:

(00:30): Introduction

(01:30): Tony’s Background

(05:00): What does your company look like today?

(07:45): How did you decide to get started?

(11:10): Why franchise in this new venture?

(13:20): Landscaping and PMs

(17:30): Why make that a separate brand?

(19:20): Perspective of a multi-business operator?

(23:00): Infrastructure in Multiple Businesses

(26:30): Departmental vs Portfolio Management

(29:30): What are other related business added on since?

(34:30): What can others get from your book?

(35:30): Closing – (To Be Continued)