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Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc Pt 2

Learning from a Doorpreneur with Tony LeBlanc Pt 2

Tony LeBlanc is an entrepreneur who has started over 10 successful businesses, including maintenance lawn care and many others, though his real passion is teaching others his valuable skills.

 Tony now manages one of the largest property management companies on Canada’s East Coast – a business he started from scratch. Tony’s vast knowledge is put to work teaching other property management professionals improve their growth. 

Listen in as Jordan and Tony go into part two of this epic dialogue.

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Topics covered:

(00:30): Personal Life and Self Development

(05:00): How do you deal with skeptics?

(07:45): What do you get from your agenda?

(11:20): How has your view impacted your day to day life?

(13:30): Universal desires and the appeal of the employer

(18:50): Fighting against the grain

(22:15): How do you cultivate your leaders?

(26:00): Does your nature change reflect in your business? 

(33:30): The Meaningfulness of work

(37:30): Handling the tension

(40:30): What do you hope your readers take away?

(44:00): What is the end game of business for you?

(45:00): Closing