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Leadership is Listening

Leadership is Listening

Today Jordan discusses the importance of listening to your team, selecting exemplary team members and the power that collaboration can have. Leadership is the foundation of a good business.

Listen in as Jordan dissects the best practices he utilizes for leading his team.

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Topics covered:

(00:45): Intro

(01:45): How do we get things done?

(04:05): Jordan’s Wins and Losses

(05:30): Exemplary Team Members

(07:00): The Power of Collaboration – Building a Powerful Team

(11:30): Conditions of Success

(17:00): Employment is a Two-Way Street

(21:30): Help People Help Themselves

(24:30): What’s In-Between?

(28:30): Final Thoughts

Resources Mentioned:

Ryan Hanley Podcast

Jim Collins Work

“Team of Teams”