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How is the Relationship Between Tech and Real Estate Changing?

How is the Relationship Between Tech and Real Estate Changing?

Today I’m interviewing Joseph Edger of TenantCloud.

Joseph started out in real estate at the age of 14, and has continued to grow his business from there. In 2008 Joseph joined TX Governor Perry’s office to manage millions in state authority focused on helping new companies with growth. Most recently founding TenantCloud Joseph has developed a company with a cloud based business model helping tenants, landlords and service pros.

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Topics covered:

(0:35) – How Did Joseph End up at TenantCloud?

(8:25) – Did Joseph Have any Experience With Statistical Analysis?

(9:25) – What Does “Automating the Accounting” Look Like?

(12:10) – Responding to The “Risk” of Professional Verses Self Managing Accounting?

(15:00) – The Difference Between TenantCloud and Similar Software Companies?

(18:30) – What is TenantCloud’s Business Model?

(21:10) – What Kind of Network Effects did Joseph Need to Make this Business Model Work?

(23:10) – What is TenantCloud’s Company Growth at?

(26:40) – How Has Joseph Perfected the Oversight and Quality Assurance in TenantCloud?

(31:20) – How do You see Real Estate Agents Being Upscaled in the Tech World?

(38:25) – How Should the Agent Spend Their time? Now That There is Less Back Office Work.

(41:05) – How do You see Predictive Analytics Effecting a Purchasing Event?

(46:40) – Why are Large Brokerages Assigning Value to Property Management Now?

(49:20) – How Large Brokerages are Effecting Small Property Management Companies

(53:20) – How Would Joseph Run a Successful Company and Not Pivot Into Tech?

(59:15) – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Bred?

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