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Growing Potential with Michael Krause

Growing Potential with Michael Krause

Today I am interviewing Michael Krause of Atrium Management.

Michael has managed over 15,000 units across 22 states in his 14 years of property management. He has always emphasized team building and creating a positive working environment. Hiring over 120 employees, and managing over 250 employees, Michael has become an expert and finding and coaching new talent in the field of property management. 

Today we’ll discuss the methods of growth, profit and company structure.

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Topics covered:

(00:23) – Introduction 

(02:55) – background of Atrium? 

(03:52) – My business partner and acquisition of Atrium ? 

(06:00) – Unit type break down ? (family types, duration) 

(07:14) – Outcome of organic growth? 

(10:00) – Information about BNI groups ? 

(15:44) – What is the time commitment? 

(16:35) – What is the turn rate of the group? 

(18:08) – The parameter of the group? (Territory) 

(19:09) – Commerce side business in the BNI groups? 

(22:40) – Business relationships with a realtor,broker? 

(25:38) – Idea of brokerage, affect on sales? 

(26:30) – Structure of return on deals? 

(27:45) – Management of growth, pushing strain and incentive?

(32:10) – capacity of a P.O.D.? 

(33:00) – benefits of one point of contact? 

(37:10) – Partner relationship? 

(40:46) – difference between a visionary and integrator? 

(43:25) – Scheduling meetings with your partner? (Formal or informal) 

(46:36) – Personal growth, Education,Inspirational motivation? 

(52:05) – Habits or virtues, forcing function of enabling work? 

(56:12) – Lifetime personal achievement