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Fighting the Institutional Imperative

Fighting the Institutional Imperative

Today, Jordan discusses how to break free from the Institutional Imperative that can envelope the entrepreneur.

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Topics covered:

(00:45): Introduction to the Institutional Imperative and Warren Buffett

(03:00): How it Relates to You – Local vs Global Maxima

(04:45): There Will Be Failures

(06:00): Forecasting Your Business

(08:05): WWJBD – What Would Jeff Bezos Do

(09:50): Intention over mechanics

(11:45): Managing to Proxies

(14:15): Objectively Invest Resources – How To

(16:00): Momentum To Drive Momentum?

(19:15): Get Serious on ROIC

(22:00): Determining Your Future

(23:10): Final Thoughts

Resources Mentioned:

Outsiders by William Thorndike