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Transition: Alex Osenenko on Leaving Fourandhalf

Transition: Alex Osenenko on Leaving Fourandhalf

Today I’m talking with Alex Osenenko of FourandHalf.

Alex Osenenko, the former CEO of Four and a Half, joins me tonight in a farewell address the night prior to the PM Grow Summit ’19. Listen as we talk shop on PM Grow and what the future holds for Alex.

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Topics covered:

(01:45) – Where is Alex’s Head at Right Now?

(6:25) – What Was Day One at the Company like?

(10:05) – What Does the Company Look Like Today?

(19:30) – What Was the Journey to Using EOS Like?

(23:35) – How Did Alex Make Himself Accountable to the EOS Framework?

(29:30) – Atrophy

(33:25) – How is Alex Dealing With the Fear of Starting Something New?

(36:31) – What Caused Alex to Stick it Out at the Lowest Points?

(38:05) – Alex’s Next Mission

(41:10) – How to Cut Through the Noise and Get to the Heart of the Issue?

(52:00) – How to do What is Right even When Others Aren’t Recognizing it

(57:05) – What is Alex Doing to Hand Off the Baton to the Team as He is Stepping Down?

(1:00:10) – Raising Mentee and How to Groom Someone for a Position

(1:09:25) – If Someone Wants to be an Entrepreneur Where Should They Put Their Attention.

(1:12:00) – Closing

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