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Building and Growing Empire Industries

Building and Growing Empire Industries

Today I’m interviewing Steve Rozenberg and Pete Neubig of Empire Industries.

Empire Industries was co-founded by Steve and Pete out of necessity for their own investment properties. Over the years since it’s origin Empire Industries has grown into one of the top residential property management companies in the country. Specializing in frustration free property management.

In this episode of The Profitable Property Management Podcast we go in-depth into how Pete and Steve have built such a profitable business.

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Topics covered:

(0:45) – What is Empire Industries?

(9:10) – Where is the Company at Today?

(9:45) – How Big is the Team?

(10:30) – How Did You Start in Business Together?

(16:20) – What Advice do You Have for Someone Considering a Cofounder Partnership?

(18:40) – How do You Keep Open Channels of Communication in the Midst of Conflict?

(20:30) – Have You Kept Your Operating Agreement up to Date?

(26:10) – What it Looks Like to Use EOS at Empire Industries?

(29:05) – What Have You Learned From the EOS System?

(33:15) – Would You Ever Hire a VP of Sales and Marketing to Replace Your Position?

(35:10) – What are the Biggest Threats to Empire in the Future?

(42:10) – How do You visualize Optimism and Ambition to Grow Empire?

(48:50) – What Percent of the Staff is Remote?

(49:05) – Were You Skeptical of Remote Team Members?

(51:00) – Are Remote Team Members Integrated Into the Company Culture?

(59:40) – Owner Based Portfolio vs Departmental Structure?

(1:09:00) – Are Entrepreneurs Born or Bred?

Resources mentioned:

Empire Industries