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Developing Brand Identity with Michael and Heather Park

Developing Brand Identity with Michael and Heather Park

Today I’m talking with Michael and Heather Park of RentBridge. RentBridge is a marketing and consulting company that focuses on property management specifically.

While in law school, Michael fell in love with real estate, buying his first investment property while balancing a full course load. That love of real estate led Michael to practice real estate law for 8 years, becoming a partner at North Carolina’s largest residential real estate law firm.

Heather was originally in Oil and Gas but quickly switched her career path upon crossing paths with Michael while searching for investments in the Dallas area. In 2017, the two began RentBridge full time.

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Topics covered:

(00:00) – Intro

(01:00) – Introducing Michael and Heather Park

(1:45) – Michael and Heather’s Background

(4:45) – What operations were you involved in at Renter’s Warehouse?

(6:15) – Walk us through a day in qualification

(7:20) – Identifying those to Partner with

(8:00) – All About Leads

(9:40) – Lead Nurturing

(10:40) – Lead Flow should be available on Day 1

(14:15) – Brand Identity

(19:00) – Determining When to Grow

(21:00) – Growth and Client Satisfaction

(24:30) – Sellable Assets

(30:00) – Lead Generation and Paid Acquisition

(38:00) – Automated Follow-up

(39:30) – Creating a Culture for the Clients

(40:00) – Company Culture –  What Does It Look Like?

(43:00) – The Mentality of Property Management

(48:00) – Proper Automation can feel personable

(50:45) – Velocity of Communication

(53:00) – Business Development Tasks

(59:45) – Marketing and Property Management Optimization

(1:02:00) – Advice for Potential PM Grow listeners

(1:06:10) – NARPM Accounting Standards Overview and the Industry Future

(1:11:45) – Closing

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