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Haters Unite! The Next VC-Backed Property Manager is Here with Doug Brien

Today, I’m talking with Doug Brien, the CEO and Co-Founder of Mynd, a venture-backed property management company that allows landlords and tenants access to real-time data about their properties. They’ve raised over $35 million and currently manage more than 2,100 doors across California. Before founding Mynd, Doug was the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Waypoint […]


The Rise and Fall of Castle Property Management with Max Nussenbaum

Today, I’m talking with Max Nussenbaum, the former CEO of Castle, a property management startup in Detroit that was using technology to change the game. At their peak, they had raised $4 million from investors and grew to be Michigan’s second-largest PM company, but in January of 2018 they winded down the business. In this […]


How to Grow Fast and Survive with John Laviter

Today, I’m talking with John Laviter, the Chairman and CEO of Northpoint Asset Management, a professional Real Estate Investment & Management Company with 25 offices across the U.S. Northpoint represents nearly $1 billion in assets and its members and partners have engaged in approximately $150 million of real estate investments. In today’s episode, you’ll learn […]


Justin Bajema on How to Obtain More Freedom in Your Business

Today, I’m talking with Justin Bajema, the Founder and President of Access Property Management Group in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Justin started buying property during the housing crisis, but pretty quickly, discovered a lack of professional management options, which lead him to start his own shop. And today, Access Property Management is managing over 400 units […]


Mike Paton on The Entrepreneurial Operating System

Today, I am talking with Mike Paton.  Paton helps lead over 200 EOS Implementers and has conducted more than 1000 full day EOS sessions with leadership teams of more than 100 entrepreneurial companies.   He’s spent a lifetime learning from entrepreneurs, and spends all of his time as an author, award winning speaker, certified EOS […]


Ryan Hanley on Getting Found Online with Content Marketing

Today, on The Profitable Property Management Podcast, I‘m talking with Ryan Hanley, the Senior Vice-President of Marketing at TrustedChoice.com and author of Content Warfare, a book that will help you find your audience, tell your story and win the battle for attention online. Ryan got his start in the insurance industry where he used content […]