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Meet The Director of Marketing Tasked with Growing His Company to 25,000 Doors

Today, on The Profitable Property Management Podcast, I’m talking with Spencer Sutton, the Director of Marketing for GK Houses, an ambitious and high-growth property management company now based in Birmingham, Chattanooga, and Nashville.   In our chat, we dive into why GK hired a Director of Marketing and what exactly Spencer plans to do to […]


How to Host Investor Events That Draw Massive Crowds

Today, on The Profitable Property Management Podcast, we are talking to Rich Drake, CEO of the Houston franchise of Renters Warehouse. In the last four years, Rich and his team have built out the largest Renters Warehouse franchise in the nation, in terms of revenue, growth rate, and number of units.   In this interview, […]


The VC Backed PM Company That’s Building a National Brand

In the first episode of The Profitable Property Management Podcast, we’re talking to a world class entrepreneur out of Detroit, Michigan.  His name is Max Nussenbaum and he is the founder of Castle, a new property management startup that’s looking to change the industry. In this interview Max shares their unique approach to the market […]